2020 Challenges

This page is for current and forthcoming members' challenges; the 2019 challenges page is here; photos of earlier challenge entries can be found on this page.

March 2020: An Optional Challenge for Perfect Circles

Many of you enjoyed the embroidery in our last challenge and I have seen a good idea today — Day 3 of a stitching challenge. This gives an idea for an EQ stitching challenge which might help us fill these long days as well as providing a record of the next 12 weeks.

I am proposing 1 segment a week for 12 weeks, not one a day! So …

Take an embroidery frame (if you do not have one, I have spares and could drop one on your doorstep) plus some suitable fabric.

Divide the circular area into 12 equal segments like slices of a cake.

Stem stitch over the dividing lines with a dark thread.

Each week, try to record and embroider something in each segment which has particular meaning for you- something you have seen/been moved by, such as a flower, bird, leaf, or a picture or a thought or word.

If you wantto see an example of someone who is doing this each day, look up Marie Roberts—Artist.

At the end of the 12 weeks we might have something to share with each other and the wider group.

Good Luck — Keep Well — Happy Sewing

Love, Barbara Janssen