Exeter Quilters mystery quilt: Blocks 9–12

Block 9

For this week’s challenge we would like you to make two blocks with the identical pattern but placing the fabrics to make them look as different as possible. You have the choice of either taking a block you have already made and making a second with the same design or making two completely new ones with any design or method you choose.

Block 10

This week we would like you to celebrate the friendship in quilting by making a block including a heart. As usual any size or technique you want.

Block 11

This week’s block is Squares. You may wish to make a block composed entirely of squares such as Irish Chain, a pixilated picture, add some appliqué to a squares block or just make a block with the emphasis on squares. As always any size and any method that takes your fancy.

Block 12

This week’s challenge is to make the block of your choice. You may want to look at the blocks you have made so far and see what is missing to make a balanced quilt. You may choose to make a block which, for you, reflects the past weeks, make your favourite block or just one which you have always wanted to make. We look forward to seeing where your imagination takes you.

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