Approved on 11 March 2020



The name of the group is Exeter Quilters (the Group).



The aims of the Group are to encourage Members to further their enjoyment and knowledge of all aspects of patchwork, quilting and associated crafts, and to promote the craft by holding regular meetings, workshops, lectures and exhibitions in the Exeter area.



The maximum number of Members is one hundred people.



Prospective Members will be held in order of application on a waiting list if the maximum number would be exceeded and will be offered first refusal of any vacancy which occurs. While on the waiting list prospective Members may attend up to four monthly meetings a year as a paying visitor.



The Membership Secretary will maintain a register of the Members of the Group.



The annual subscription for the following year will be agreed by the Members at the Annual General Meeting each year on the recommendation of the Committee. Subscriptions are due on 1st January in every year and Members who have not paid their subscription by 1st March of that year shall be deemed to have resigned.



The Group will be run by a Committee elected annually by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee will consist of not less than seven Members, including the officers of the Group, and the quorum will be at least half of the Committee Members. The officers of the Group will be a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Minutes Secretary and the Committee shall include a Membership Secretary and Programme Secretary. Committee Members shall be re-elected each year except the Vice-Chairman and Chairman who shall be elected for a period of two years unless there is a vacancy.



The Chairman and Vice-Chairman may serve a maximum of two years in one post, and can serve no more than an additional one year if in exceptional circumstances such as a vacancy the Members vote for an additional year. Committee Members may serve a maximum of six consecutive years in total on the Committee unless they are elected as Chairman or Vice-Chairman when their term may be extended to the end of their time as Chairman. After serving for this time a Committee Member, Vice Chairman or Chairman must step down for at least one year.



Nominations for election to the Committee must be made to the secretary no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the AGM. All nominations must be made in writing and with the approval of the nominee and must be supported by three other Members.



Voting shall be by paid up and Honorary Members attending the AGM by majority vote.



The Committee may co-opt additional Members to serve until the next Annual General Meeting to replace an elected Member who has left the Committee. Other Members may be invited to the Committee to take forward a particular task but shall have no Committee vote.



The Committee will approve charges for meetings, workshops, lectures or other events.



The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Group is adequately insured for all activities undertaken by the Group whether for its Members specifically or for the general public where appropriate.



The Annual General Meeting will be held in March or April and at least 21 days notice of the meeting will be given to Members.



Any proposal for alteration to this Constitution must be made by giving the Chairman notice in writing of the proposal. Such a proposal must be signed by not less than ten paid up Members. Such proposals should normally be made at least 21 days prior to the AGM for discussion at that meeting. If this is not appropriate an Extra-ordinary General Meeting will be called to discuss it. This EGM must take place as soon as is practicable and may be incorporated into a regular meeting of the group.



Bank accounts in the name of the Group will be maintained into which all funds relating to the Group’s activities must be paid. At least four of the Group’s current Committee Members will be registered as authorised signatories with the bank. Any two signature(s) on a cheque or other payment instrument shall be a sufficient discharge for the banker.



17 Expenses incurred by Committee Members or other Members of the Group in respect of the operational requirements of the Group will be re-imbursed on submission of a written claim to the Treasurer. Any expenditure over £300 must be authorised in advance by the Committee.



The Treasurer will keep proper records of the receipts and disbursements of the Group which shall be inspected by an independent person annually prior to the Annual General Meeting. An account of the Group’s finances must be produced by the Treasurer up to 31st December each year, and made available to the Members at the Annual General Meeting.



19 In the event of Exeter Quilters deciding to discontinue as a group, any funds and assets being held by the group at the time of closure should be distributed to charities agreed by any remaining Members.



Membership of any Member may be terminated by a resolution of the Committee Members that it is in the best interests of Exeter Quilters that his or her membership is terminated. A resolution to remove a Member from Membership may only be passed if: (a) the Member has been given at least twenty one days’ notice in writing of the meeting of the Committee at which the resolution will be proposed and the reasons why it is to be proposed; and (b) the Member and/or, at the option of the Member, the Member’s representative (who need not be a Member of Exeter Quilters) has been allowed to make representations to the meeting.



The Constitution and all policies associated with the Constitution will be reviewed at least every three years by the Committee and changes approved at the next Annual General Meeting.

Based on the Constitution produced on 12th December 2013. This was reviewed during November 2019 and changes agreed at a Committee meeting on 21 November 2019 . It was approved at the AGM on 11 March 2020.