Exeter Quilters Exhibition: 20–23 August 2025

Our 2025 exhibition will take place at St. Matt’s Church, Lower Summerlands, Exeter EX1 2LJ, so make a note in your diary.

Setup day will be Wednesday 20 August with the exhibition itself running from Thursday 21st to Saturday 23rd.

Catherine, the chairman, will be asking for members to join the committee over the coming months.

We have two charities “Balloons” and “The Nayamba School Trade Centre”.

Please watch this page for more information on the charities and details of the exhibition as they are developed. Now is the time to start making items for sale: think of small Christmas presents and decorations.

Please note that we will be holding a fund-raising day at St. Stephens Church, High Street, Exeter on Thursday 28 November 2024.

The Nayamba School Trade Centre

St Matthew's Church, where our 2025 exhibition will be held, supports the Nayamba Trust. This charity oversees Nayamba School which is set in Rural Zambia, and provides free education and food for over 350 children.

In July of 2020 the trust completed the building of a Trade School which offers apprenticeships and longer employment opportunities for vulnerable women in the community. One of the programmes they offer is in textiles and weaving and this is the part of the school where are fund raising efforts will be targeted.  

There is also a shared home for single mothers with a house mother to look after and support these young women as they raise their children. This enables these vulnerable women to learn a skill from the trade centre that can give them financial security for their family. 

One great thing about this charity is it is guaranteed every penny of each donation goes directly to the school and, with appropriate supervision over the spending, this way we can make sure a massive difference is made through your generosity. 

If you want to know more go to: https://clients.timpestridge.co.uk/Nayamba-School/n-5BFkwf/2023-Trip-photos/Trade-School or www.nayambaschool.org